One stage of Qualifying will be held on Monday 25 November at Liverpool, Ryde-Parramatta and Carnarvon Golf Clubs. (Note: there is no longer Regional Qualifying).

Eight (8) positions in the field for the Championships Proper will be available to competitors in Qualifying.

Note: 2-3 positions will be available in each Qualifying competition (depending on the number of players who play at each course). Confirmation of the exact numbers available at each course will be made on the day.

Alternates from Qualifying will be used only for the purpose of filling Qualifying positions that become vacant. Championship alternates will continue to be taken from the relevant eligibility categories until all such avenues have been exhausted, at which time alternates from Qualifying may be utilised to fill field positions that become vacant.

> Liverpool Golf Club
> Carnarvon Golf Club
> Ryde-Parramatta Golf Club

Competitor Information
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Any queries should be directed to or 03 9626 5050.