Qualification for Championship Proper:
Eight (8) positions in the field for the Championship Proper will be available to competitors in Qualifying. 2-3 positions will be available in each Qualifying competition, and the exact numbers available at each course will be confirmed on 24 November.

In a Qualifying competition, should there be a tie for the last available position(s) (or for alternate positions), such that the position(s) remains undecided, those competitors in such a tie shall continue in a sudden-death, hole-by-hole play-off, which will be conducted immediately upon the conclusion of the scheduled event.

Competitor Information:
Download important competitor information

Competitors only are entitled to one complimentary practice round, from the daily tee markers only. In order to play a practice round, competitors are asked to book a time.

> Liverpool: 02 9727 242202 9727 2422; players may play in the members competition on Sunday 23 November. Additional practice times from 3.00 pm.

> Ryde-Parramatta: 02 9874 403102 9874 4031; practice times available from 12.03 pm on Sunday 23 November. There are limited practice times also available during the week prior by contacting the pro-shop.

> Carnarvon: 02 9649 243802 9649 2438; practice from 3.00 pm on Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 November.

Players may play one ball only throughout the round, however if a player misses the fairway with their drive, they may play one additional tee shot, or if they miss the green with their approach they may play one additional shot into the green. Players MUST keep up with the group in front.

Distance Measuring Devices/GPS:
The following Local Rule will be in effect for Qualifying.

In this competition a player may obtain distance information by using a device that measures distance only.  If, during a stipulated round, a player uses a distance-measuring device that is designed to gauge or measure other conditions that might affect their play (eg gradient, windspeed, temperature, etc), the player is in breach of Rule 14-3, for which the penalty is disqualification, regardless of whether any such additional function is actually used.

Please note:  Mobile phones are permitted during a stipulated round to access a distance measuring device application or to ring for a ruling only. Please check the R&A flowchart to ensure your device is conforming –

R&A Advice Regarding DMDs

Please note DMD’s are NOT permitted in the Championship proper.


Any queries should be directed to championships@golf.org.au or 03 9626 505003 9626 5050.