The finisher is one of the few holes at Royal Sydney that could be classed as a dogleg although there are a number of straight holes that are best not played in a straight line. more
This long par three is the most difficult of the short holes and the previous green was even more difficult to hit than the newer version. more
The final par five is a relatively easy driving hole but from the fairway the players are confronted with a series of well placed fairway bunkers that must be avoided. more
Like the previous hole the 15th asks a question that can only be answered with fine shots. more
This par three demands an accurate iron to a long green that is not particularly wide. more
In its former incarnation this hole was regarded as an easy hole to make a four. more
Every course has a ‘least good hole’ and at Royal Sydney it’s the medium length par four, 12th. more
The most difficult hole on the course is this long two-shotter to a long narrow green that rises up from the fairway below and the second shot, especially when its into the wind, is the most demanding on the course. more
The 10th tee is high above the fairway but that is the only thing to suggest any undulation change at the first hole on the course that heads NORTH and back toward the clubhouse. more
One way to make a medium length hole play longer than its yardage is to just cut the fairway off at a point that determines all players have to lay back from the tee with an iron. more
The 8th is another short par four and perhaps a few will take a fly at it with a driver but actually getting onto the green would take a brilliant shot and an extraordinary amount of good fortune. more
Those who have watched little live professional golf of recent times will be amazed just how far the longest hitters fly the modern ball. more
The second of the short holes is the shortest of the par threes but it has perhaps the biggest green. more
Here is another par four that whilst not a back-breaker is demanding of a pair of good shots. more
This is the first difficult par four on the course and it plays down from the tee then turns to the left and goes up to the green at the high point of the hill. more
The first short hole plays downhill to a long narrow green flanked by bunkers and players can hit anything from a four iron to a nine depending on the wind and whether the pin is in the front or back of the green. more
The 2nd is a long par five that can be reached but only with the help of the wind. more
Short par fours can be great fun for spectating and the best of them are confounding to play. They give players a chance to reach the green with a long tee shot but they promise a bogey for those making an unwise gamble or hitting a poor shot. more